Water Heaters

Gas vs Electric Tankless Water Heaters: Which One is Best

When buying a new tankless water heater system one of the first questions most homeowners ask is, “which is better, gas vs electric?” Each has their advantages and shortcomings, but often the decision is out of your hands and is determined by which fuel is available in your area.There are 3 common fuel sources for […]

Electric Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

In many ways electric tankless water heaters are under appreciated in the world of on-demand hot water. They offer many advantages over their gas fueled cousin, but frequently don’t receive the credit they deserve. Although, they do have short comings, their versatility and superb energy efficiency make them hard to ignore.If you’re considering purchasing a […]

Gas Tankless Water Heater Buyers Guide: What You Need to Know

As on-demand water heating systems gain in popularity, gas tankless water heaters are frequently the top selling fuel source. There are many advantages that a gas tankless has over electric units, but they also have their share of short comings. Check out our complete article Gas vs Electric to see a full comparison.As a general […]

Tankless Water Heater Buyers Guide

Have you been thinking about purchasing a tankless water heater? They have many benefits over traditional tank-style water heaters, however, there are drawbacks and limitations that you should to be aware of when you’re deciding which is the right choice for you.Tankless systems are also known also as on-demand water heaters because they’re designed to deliver […]

Water Heater Circulation Pump: What You Need To Know

Are you considering installing a circulation pump to your water heater? This simple device can not only save you money, it can also deliver nearly instant hot water.A circulation pump keeps the hot water constantly moving through the home’s plumbing system, so when a hot water tap is opened, the water will be hot right […]

How to Fix a Low Water Pressure Problem: Tips and Tricks

Are you experiencing low water pressure at your house? Low water pressure is not only frustrating, it could also be an indication of a future problem. Sometimes water pressure can drop so gradually it goes unnoticed, until one day, you’re left wondering what happened! ​Sediment is the most common cause of low hot water pressure. […]

How to Replace a Dip Tube: Step-by-Step Guide

If your water heater has a broken dip tube the most common symptom is luke warm water when you’re expecting hot. But depending upon where the dip tube breaks, you may simply find that your water isn’t as warm as it used to be.A dip tube is a long plastic tube that runs within your […]

High Altitude Solutions For Your Gas Water Heater

If you live in a high altitude area you may have noticed that your gas water heater isn’t working properly. Natural gas is an excellent fuel source for water heaters, but they need modifications to work in areas of high elevation.When a water heater is manufactured it is designed to work at sea level. At higher […]

Reduce Energy Consumption & Save Money with Your Water Heater

Have you ever wondered if you can save money by reducing your monthly utility bills? Your water heater is a large contributor to your energy bill (about 25%)  so if you can  conserve energy you’ll be able to directly impact your monthly expenses. Your water heater uses energy every time you use hot water to […]

How to Install a Gas Water Heater: A Step-by-Step DIY Guide

Gas water heater installation may seem intimidating, but it’s actually easier than you may think, although, if the job is bigger than you want to tackle you can always hire a professional plumber. They’ll be happy to install your gas water heater and dispose of your old unit as well. But if you’re up for […]

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